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We are the original Irrigation Inspection and Irrigation Membership specialists in the Greater Central Florida area!

Our reputation is built on integrity, honesty, quality inspections, and excellent customer service.  Our irrigation inspector, Rick Hall, is the owner of GroundUp Property Services, Inc. Rick is extremely knowledgeable, has an eye for attention to detail, and has over 25 years’ experience in irrigation service and installation and is fully bonded and insured.

We provide irrigation services to some of the largest rental and investment property firms, and have satisfactorily serviced thousands of residential, HOA, and commercial irrigation systems.  Local commercial landscape companies, in Central Florida, call upon us extensively to install, inspect, and repair systems. We provide services before, during, and after their installations so they can provide an end-to-end honest and trustworthy experience for their customers.  You can have that same level of faith and confidence in the quality of work we provide for your irrigation system. 




Our History:

GroundUp Property Services, Inc. started in 1998 with a mission to provide quality and creative landscape and irrigation systems for Central Florida customers. In 2007, we adjusted our direction to focus mostly on irrigation repairs with landscape consulting.  

After years in the business, we created GroundUp Property Services Irrigation Inspection and GroundUp Property Services Irrigation Membership programs.  We found many homeowners buy in Florida from areas around the country who have never had a sprinkler system.  In fact, our research for this enhanced level of services also determined that many Realtors and Property Managers are not fully aware of the costs and complications involved with a non-working irrigation system.  As a result, many are buying properties with potentially hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in repairs or worst yet, paid for repairs that were done by non-qualified professionals only to have them repaired again at an additional cost.   


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