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GroundUp Sprinkler System Orientation

Would understanding the operation and function of your irrigation system

be beneficial to you?  


Our one-of-a-kind Sprinkler System Orientation will teach how your irrigation system operates, how to make minor adjustments, and how to quickly identify issues. 


Our Sprinkler System Orientation provides: 

  • Determine the type of system and water source

  • Demonstrate and explain operation of entire irrigation system

  • Check and set timer 

  • Walkthrough of property with system in operation 

  • Identify current or future problems

  • Answer questions 

  • Map of system (additional charge)


Would you like the peace of mind knowing that your irrigation system is operating to its full potential, ensure you’re not wasting valuable water, money, or ruining your landscape? 


Call us today to take advantage of our unique sprinkler system programs AND save money!

*When purchased as a package with one or more service

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