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GroundUp Property Services' Irrigation Inspection

Did you know that unforeseen irrigation system issues could cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to repair or replace, including higher water and electric bills, damage to your expensive landscape, and potential damage to your home?  

Prior to purchasing your new home or rental property, a GroundUp Property Services Irrigation Inspection is highly recommended - similar to a septic system, pool, or roof.  Even though most of the system is underground, a qualified irrigation inspector will perform a thorough evaluation of the operation of the system.  You will have confidence that your irrigation system is working properly OR what will be needed prior to purchase. We will provide an impartial, detailed report, along with estimated repair/replacement costs (if needed).  A GroundUp Property Services Irrigation Inspection will help you make knowledgeable decisions regarding your new home or property.  
Contact us today to schedule your Irrigation Inspection.

Your Irrigation Inspection Includes: 

  • Impartial, detailed report with photos & estimated repair/replacement costs (if needed)

  • Timers & Rain Sensors

  • Valves

  • Sprinkler Heads

  • Pumps

  • Meters

  • Zones and Water Coverage

  • Overall System Performance

  • Instruction on proper operation of system




*Residential properties up to 6 zones; Contact us for price quote for commercial or larger than 8 zones with up to 10 heads per zone.








Irrigation System Inspections performed by GroundUp Property Services are performed in accordance with the Standards of Practice recommended and followed by industry regulators, suppliers, and contractors. Every reasonable effort was made to conduct a visual, non-invasive evaluation of the entire irrigation system; however, it is possible that one or more areas of the system could not be fully evaluated due to obstructions, or the inability to locate valves, heads, or pipes at the time of the inspection. Additional visits to complete the full inspection, if necessary, will be an additional charge.

This is not an exhaustive irrigation electrical or plumbing inspection. We are not licensed electricians or plumbers to verify that all areas of the system are up to the current codes. Many houses and irrigation systems are NOT up to current codes and making changes or renovations may require electrical work to bring an older system up to current standards. 

This inspection is looking for current irrigation problems. While it is not designed to determine future use or every eventuality such as renovations, additions, or other unforeseen irrigation needs you may have in the future, we do our best to forecast potential problems and/or the growing needs of your system. If you are planning on making significant irrigation system changes or renovations, GroundUp Property Services can make recommendations for qualified contractors to help with these updates. 


Examples of Irrigation System Expenses:

  • Add or replace a Rain Sensor – REQUIRED in most counties in Florida - $150 - $300

  • Replace Sprinkler Timer - $250 - $500 

  • New well and pump - $5,000 - $9,000

  • Non-obstructed pipe repair - $75 - $150

  • Valve location and repair/replacement - $150 - $200 each (most homes have 6 - 10)

  • High water bills and landscape damage – undetermined costs

*prices above are typical and do not include permitting, excessive travel, or other additional expenses

Were you aware that Florida is one of the states with a rain sensor statute? The latest version of this statute (2010) says: 

"Any person who operates an automatic landscape irrigation system shall properly install, maintain, and operate technology that inhibits or interrupts operation of the system during periods of sufficient moisture. 

A licensed contractor who installs or performs work on an automatic landscape irrigation system must test for the correct operation of each inhibiting or interrupting device or switch on that system. If such devices or switches are not installed in the system or are not in proper operating condition, the contractor must install new ones or repair the existing ones and confirm that each device or switch is in proper operating condition before completing other work on the system." (Florida Statute 373.62). 

Thus, all automatic landscape irrigation systems require a rain sensor or other shutoff device, such as a soil moisture sensor irrigation controller.  A rain sensor:

•    Conserves water—prevents irrigation after recent rain events.
•    Saves money—reduces utility bills and lawn maintenance costs by interrupting the irrigation system after adequate rainfall.
•    Reduces wear on the irrigation system because the system runs only when necessary.
•    Reduces disease and weed pressure by eliminating unnecessary irrigation events.
•    Helps protect surface and groundwater by reducing the runoff and deep percolation 


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