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Lawn Painting

•Want curb appeal or the HOA off your back? 

•Be the envy of the neighborhood with green grass!

•Selling your home or need your yard to look fresh and green? 

•Saving water but your grass is suffering?

•Live in an area that limits lawn fertilization?  


lawn paint 1.HEIC

Grasses, including cool and warm season grasses, often go dormant during periods of heat and dry conditions.


This is a measure of protection from summer lawn stress. When grass turns brown, Endurant Lawn Colorants can instantly green up your grass without causing harm to the turf, your pets, or family.  Lawn painting helps you: 

• Conserve water to save money and overcome drought; overcome watering restrictions. 
• Increase curb appeal for selling your home, having a party, or enjoying the view when you come home.
• Prevent the HOA from placing fines on your property.
• Overcome new challenges in real estate sales with a low-cost competitive edge. 
• No need to re-seed with grass that dies as soon as it gets cold or warm.

We are a preferred distributor for Endurant Premium (P+) which is a deep, rich green grass colorant that some refer to as super green because your lawn is about to be the best on the block.


Endurant Lawn Colorant is great for many issues including:

  • Dormant grass that is brown due to seasonal issues (frost, drought, flooding, etc)

  • Uneven color, actively growing grass

  • Pet urine stains or areas where lawn ornamentals burned your grass

  • Newly installed grass

  • Anywhere optimal natural green grass color is desired.

The color will last 6-8 weeks up to three months, depending on rate of growth and frequency of mowing. It lasts longest on fully dormant turf that is not growing and mowed.  Give us a call today and be the envy of your neighborhood!! 


Commercial applications available, too!

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